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Powerlifting Event This Weekend

  Powerlifters from across the country will be competing to lift big and set records. The event is a 100% Raw Powerlifting event where both state and national records can be set. And with the caliber of athletes who compete with the federation, many impressive lifts will be made, and records will be set. 100% […]

From Bad To Worse: Don’t Let A Diet Give You A Food Phobia

Many times when someone needs to reduce the fat in their diet, it is because they have an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes it is as simple as someone eating when they are bored, or simply because they enjoy certain foods. But other times the reason can be mental or emotional: such as when someone […]

Don’t Let a Stumble Become a Fall

This week is an inspirational one. And in keeping with that spirit, here is another article to help with the ‘why’, rather than the ‘how’ when it comes to fitness and reaching your goals. Sticking to a plan can be tough. Whether it is a plan to get a new career, do better in school, […]

If It Was Easy Everyone One Would Do It

This post is not specifically related to fitness, but it is meant to be Monday motivation for every aspect of life, including fitness. The road to where you truly want to go is going to be hard, and at times seem like the wrong road. But if you know in your heart you are doing […]

How to Have a Splurge Meal and Not Turn it Into a Splurge Week

We have all been there: eating junk food either by choice or circumstance. Sometimes eating clean gets boring and monotonous. Or maybe you are somewhere that has only junk food to offer. It’s ok. As long as you do not make the mistake of changing a splurge meal into a splurge day, which can turn […]

The 3 Basic Supplements You May Not Be Taking

If you do any kind of resistance training, it is likely you are looking to build strength or power, or perhaps both. Even if your goal is strictly for aesthetic reasons, one thing remains: supplements are essential to meet those goals. Understandably many are confused about, and sometimes afraid of taking supplements. This is mainly […]

Juice Fasting: for a Healthier and Slimmer You

Hopefully everyone had a safe and healthy July 4. Remember that even if you did go overboard with the food that it does not mean you have to give up on your diet or start from scratch. In fact it may be a good excuse to try something new. You have probably heard a lot […]

5 Benefits of Resistance Training For All Ages

Many people think that resistance training is something that is mainly for young men who play sports or who want to have big muscles. More and more people are starting to recognize that it is also for women who play sports or who may want to get bigger and fit. Yet many still do not […]