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Juice Fasting: for a Healthier and Slimmer You

Hopefully everyone had a safe and healthy July 4. Remember that even if you did go overboard with the food that it does not mean you have to give up on your diet or start from scratch. In fact it may be a good excuse to try something new.

You have probably heard a lot about liquid diets and juice fasting. There are so many programs out there sending you prepackaged juices promising to have you drop a lot of weight. Those packaged juices also have drawbacks like being full of carbs and sugar, and chances are the most significant weight you drop will be from your wallet thinning. If you want to try a juice fast, fresh fruits and vegetables are the way to go.

With fresh fruits and vegetables you decided what goes into your drink, and how much of it. You are in charge of the flavors, and more importantly, the amounts of carbs, sugars, and calories you consume with each drink. For me that was the most important aspect.

I began my juice diet on February 6th of this year. I had recently seen the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, where a man drinks only juice for 60 days. His results were remarkable, not only for fat loss, but for his health too. I recommend watching this documentary to not only get inspired, but to get the particulars on the man’s story.

As for me, I started at over 280 pounds, and as of writing this I am at 222 pounds, and I have changed my diet completely. Over the course of 120 days, I ended my fast around June 6th; I would have a cheat day periodically. Those days not only helped me stay with the diet, but helped with metabolism issues. I believe it also helped me with sticking to a clean diet once I began eating full-time again.

Online you will read negative things regarding juice diets not working because once you eat again you will gain the weight back. That would be true only if you went back to eating the same junk you ate before the diet. I can assure you that after the sacrifice I made to drink the juice for so long, there is no way I will go back to eating the way I used to.  I had no issues with metabolism either, which I partially attribute to the few cheat days I took.

Aside from losing weight my skin has become clearer, my relationship with food has changed, and my self-esteem is so much better. And again, after doing the juice diet, I do not intend to ever eat the way I did before. Everything in moderation.

As with any diet and exercise program you should consult with your physician. And remember that you do not have to juice fast as long as I did: You can do it for as little as 10 days and get good results. It is also important to remember that the more fat one starts with, the more and faster he will lose it.

*If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, please leave a message and I will be sure to get back to you.


One comment on “Juice Fasting: for a Healthier and Slimmer You

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