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The 3 Basic Supplements You May Not Be Taking

If you do any kind of resistance training, it is likely you are looking to build strength or power, or perhaps both. Even if your goal is strictly for aesthetic reasons, one thing remains: supplements are essential to meet those goals. Understandably many are confused about, and sometimes afraid of taking supplements. This is mainly due to the misinformation people get from media, and even friends who do not know what they are talking about. And the most important thing to do before taking supplements is to know what you need.

Taking supplements without some knowledge is not only a waste of money, but could even hurt your progress if the supplements are not meant for your specific goals. However there are a few supplements that anyone engaging in resistance training can take to aid them on their journey.


Although it is possible to get enough protein through foods such as fish, chicken, and other sources, the calories in a protein drink can be less than 100 calories, and they are convenient. The shakes can also make good between-meal snacks. The benefits of protein range from providing amino acids which help keep the body from breaking down your lean muscle, especially after a workout, to aiding in the release of Human Growth Hormone which helps with building muscle.

There are different types of protein powders: Whey and casein being two well-known types. Whey is what most people who use protein powders take and it is a fast absorbing protein. Casein is used by many who wish to have sustained energy, as casein takes longer to be absorbed, giving your body a steady supply of nutrients.


A multi-vitamin is an important supplement for everyone, even if they do not workout. It is more convenient to take a multivitamin than to take an individual pill for each vitamin the body needs daily. It is more cost-effective as well. Providing your body with the right vitamins aids in functions from immunity and weight loss with Vitamin C, to healthy skin and hair with Vitamin B.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid can help you maintain lean weight, while getting rid of fat. Studies have shown that this is more likely due to CLA keeping fat cells from growing. CLA is a natural supplement and does not contain caffeine, nor is it a fat burner, rather it will help with body composition. This also means that you should not have to use it in cycles as you would with a thermogenic due to tolerance levels. However it is important to note that diet is very important when using CLA because it is not a fat burner.

Supplements are not just for bodybuilders, and while there are many on the market that may not be suitable for everyone; protein, multi-vitamins, and CLA are not only safe, but they are necessary. And because they are natural, there is no reason to cycle any of them.


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