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From Bad To Worse: Don’t Let A Diet Give You A Food Phobia

Many times when someone needs to reduce the fat in their diet, it is because they have an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes it is as simple as someone eating when they are bored, or simply because they enjoy certain foods. But other times the reason can be mental or emotional: such as when someone eats to numb some sort of pain.

Breaking bad eating habits is good for everyone. It is important to not only look healthy, but to actually be healthy. But sometimes one can break a bad relationship with food, get healthy, and then have an unhealthy relationship with food for other reasons. Again, being healthy is more important than simply looking healthy, and it is common for someone to lose weight by dieting, only to have fear or anxiety when it is time to begin eating normally. Normally meaning a plan that can be sustained for life, as the way one eats should be a lifestyle change, not merely a fad diet where he goes back to eating unhealthy foods again. But what does it mean to be afraid of food?

For someone who follows a diet low in carbs or calories, it could mean that he will avoid almost all carbs, or even get anxious when consuming even minimal amounts. Not only does the body require carbs for energy and function, but not eating carbs can have a reverse effect on an active lifestyle. The same with calories: the body needs calories for energy, and if the body is not getting enough calories from food, it will consume energy from muscle and other tissues. That does not work very well for someone who is trying to be active, and build lean muscle.

If weight was lost with a strict diet, it is important to reintroduce a normal diet gradually. It is not recommended that a diet be broken immediately to return to eating normally. Even if normally means healthy foods, because your metabolism has slowed down and more calories from any source will be stored because your body has been deprived for a period of time.

Instead, replace a meal with something healthy that you will enjoy for the rest of your healthy life. And avoid going out to eat, especially with friends. It will be very easy to feel uncomfortable around, or even indulge in unhealthy foods in a social environment. Remember that strength does not come from tempting temptation, but from knowing to avoid it. If you go out, you are probably not going to pass up the boneless wings for the plain salad. Again, that does not mean you are weak, it means you are still learning to follow a healthy diet. In time you will be able to be around fattening food and not even want it, or even be able to have a little in moderation.

Remember that health is not just about a look, but it is indeed what is on the inside that counts. After you have broken your bad diet habits, remember that it is important to not have fear or anxiety when returning to a normal diet, if you had followed a strict diet to lose weight. And most of all remember that food, when used properly, is a tool that helps your body function normally, as well as a tool to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

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