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If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It

This is a little motivation that can be translated into any situation you have going on in your life. Fitness tips will return on Monday.


The road to where you truly want to go is going to be hard, and at times seem like the wrong road. But if you know in your heart you are doing the right thing, working hard, and keeping faith, it is the right road. Most of us have things that we would do for free, and would really enjoy getting paid for. Chances are they are things others would also do for money. Who would not like to be in a movie, tour as a musician, or catch a pass in the NFL? Even people with no talent would like to make big money for ‘playing’.

If you are one who finds mollecular biology, brain surgery, or chemistry a fun hobby you would and could do for free; you probably do not have trouble getting paid to do those jobs as they are in high demand with not a whole lot of people to fill them. For those of us who wish to do something like writing, or radio, or other such things the news is not quite as good. Again even talentless people would love to do those things. And because there are so many bums out there using the excuse that they are ‘trying to be a writer’, it is no wonder the genuine among us have such a tough time getting into it. But there is hope.

Before someone will pay you to do something, they want to know if you can do it well enough to benefit them. Since you enjoy whatever it is you do, it should not be too hard to do it for little credit or pay. Eventually someone may notice you and ask you to do it for pay. Do not expect to approach someone and ask them to pay you for your work; do the work until someone notices how well you do it for free. Then they will be approaching you, offering to pay you for what you do.

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