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Get Strong and Stay Strong

After you have made the decision to get in shape, remember that you must keep your mind focused. After the hype and the excitement fade, you are going to have to have a strong mind and will in order to get past the food cravings, the lazy days, and the times where it seems that you are no longer progressing. These things will present themselves, as well as the negativity from those who do not understand why you would work so hard for something as virtuous as building your body.

When the average person is out at happy hour eating thousands of mg of sodium, thousands of calories in snacks and drinks alone, and enough cards for a week, stay strong and take your mind to the place where your visions of your success dwell.

Once you do this, your goals will be attracted to you rather than you having to chase them. The mind can bring the best out of the body, but the body has no power over your mind.


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