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Does This Cheeseburger Make Me Look Fat?

I recently watched a documentary called “Fathead”. It was made to be the answer to the documentary “Supersize Me”, where Morgan Spurlock lives on nothing but fast food for a month to prove it is making people sick and fat. In Fathead, however, the subject eats fast food to prove that one can lose weight doing that, while following what many believe about healthy eating can actually make one fat.

It is an interesting watch, but I found it hard to discern the point of the film was: endorse fast food, bash what many think about healthy eating, help people debunk myths, or just make a bit of money for the film’s maker? It may be a combination of those things. It is easy to see from our politics that it makes sense to have two guys pretend to be mad at each other for the sake of those of us who are entertained by such trickery. Vince McMahon himself could not put on a more convincing circus, but now I’m changing the subject.

I would recommend watching the documentary in order to get an idea of what is true and false when it comes to diets, weight loss, and health. If nothing else, there are a few things in the film that will make you nod your head. I have found that to be a sign of great intellect, especially when the index finger is placed at the chin. The part where he shows the fast food he has eaten that day, followed by a calorie intake that is below 2000 calories on the day is certainly something that, if accurate, would be a good talking point for anyone who at least preaches moderation, if not abstinence.

If you have seen the documentary, I would like to know what you took away from seeing it. Perhaps your interpretation is a bit more developed than mine, and you could point out to me the point the film’s maker was making.

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